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b455e200cc264ed2bd754be443d2e7a3.pngfei wang

date of birth: 1993.02


2011.9-2015.7   bachelor, jilin university, china2015.9-2020.6  master,phd, beijing institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, chinese academy of agricultural sciences

research interest

the genetic basis of the origin and evolution of key organs of livestock,such as headgear,secondary hair follicle and visceral brown fat. exploitation of genetic resources of closely related species of livestock to provide key target sites for gene editing breeding of livestock.


1. qinghe li#,fei wang#,...,jie wen*, guiping zhao*.spop promotes ubiquitination and degradation of myd88 to suppress the innate immune response.  plos pathogens ,2020, 16(5): e1008188

2. fei wang, qinghe li,..., jie wen, guiping zhao*. association of spop expression with the immune response to salmonella infection in chickens.  animals , 2020, 10(2): 307

3. fei wang#,jin zhang#,..., qinghe li, guiping zhao*. transcriptome analysis of the cecal tonsil of jingxing yellow chickens revealed the mechanism of differential resistance to salmonella.  genes , 2019, 10(12): 979

4. fei wang#,jianchao li#,...,jie wen, guiping zhao*.changes of host dna methylation in domestic chickens infected with salmonella enterica.  journal of genetics , 2017, 94(4):545-550

college of animal science and technology- northwest a&f university