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凌飞1.jpg1. basic information

ling fei

ph. d., professor of fisheries science

supervisor of doctoral/master's candidates

vice dean of college of animal science and technology

2. educational experience

b.s. in aquaculture, nanjing agricultural university, 2005

ph.d. in hydrobiology, institute of hydrobiology chinese academy of sciences, 2010

3. work experience

2010-2012, lecturer at college of animal science and technology, northwest a&f university

2013-2017, associate professor at college of animal science and technology, northwest a&f university

2016-2017, visiting scholar at university of texas at austin

2018-present, professor at college of animal science and technology, northwest a&f university

4. teaching interests

undergraduate course, aquatic animal diseases and fishery pharmacology;

graduate course, research progress in aquatic animal diseases

5. research interests

(1) discovery of fishery drugs from natural products;

(2) fish gut microbiome; innovation and application of probiotics for fish

6. research funding

(1) study on identification of pharmacophore with inhibitory effect on arginase of  ichthyophthirius multifiliis  and its anti-parasite mechanism (national natural science foundation of china, 31972841);

(2) study on design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship of novel bioactive molecules against  ichthyophthirius multifiliis  using magnolol as a lead compound (national natural science foundation of china, 31672680);

(3) the screening of natural molecules against parasitic protozoa based on pharmacodynamical evaluation models (national natural science foundation of china,31202035);

(4) study on application technology of "qin medicine" transformed by microorganisms for aquaculture (key research and development projects of shaanxi province,2021ny-025);

(5)  study on preventive and therapeutics technology for ichthyophthiriasis in the reservoir area of southern shaanxi. (agricultural science and technology projects of shaanxi province, 2016ny-082)

7. publications (since 2018)

[1] song kg, wang h, jiao z, qu, gz*, chen wc, wang gx, wang tc, zhang zq, ling f*. inactivation efficacy and mechanism of pulsed corona discharge plasma on virus in water. j. hazard. mater., 2022, 422, 126906.  (if2020="10.588, top)

[2] zhang z, cui hb, zhang zq, qu sy, wang gx, ling f*. pharmacokinetics of magnolol following different routes of administration to goldfish ( carassius auratus ) and its oral efficacy against  ichthyophthirius multififiliis  infection. aquaculture, 2022, 546, 737356. (if="4.242, top)

[3] zhang zy, liu gy, liu jy, zhu b, wang gx*, ling f*. epitope screening of the major capsid protein within grouper iridovirus of taiwan and the immunoprotective effect with swcnts as the vaccine carrier. fish shellfish immunol.,2021,117,17-23.      (if2020="4.581)

[4] wu zb, qi xz, qu sy, ling f*, wang gx*. dietary supplementation of  bacillus velezensis  b8 enhances immune response and resistance against aeromonas veronii in grass carp. fish shellfish immunol.,2021,115,14-21. (if2020="4.581)

[5] yang f, song kg, zhang zy, chen c, wang gx, yao jy*, ling f*. evaluation on the antiviral activity of ribavirin against  micropterus salmoides  rhabdovirus (msrv) in vitro and in vivo. aquaculture, 2021, 543, 736975. (if="3.224, top)

[6] qu sy, song cg, tan xp, wang gx, ling f*. comparative proteomic analysis provides insight into the key proteins as potential targets underlying the effect of malachite green against  ichthyophthirius multifiliis . j. fish dis. 2021, 44:881-92. (if="2.318)

[7] ling f, steinel n, weber j, ma l, smith c, correa d, zhu b, bolnick d*, wang gx*. the gut microbiota response to helminth infection depends on host sex and genotype. isme j., 2020, 14:1141-53. (if="9.493," top)

[8] qi xz, xue my, cui hb, yang kc, song kg, zha jw, wang gx*, ling f*. antimicrobial activity of  pseudomonas monteilii  jk-1 isolated from fish gut and its major metabolite, 1-hydroxyphenazine, against  aeromonas hydrophila . aquaculture, 2020, 526:735366. (if="3.224, top)

[9] yang kc, qi xz, he ms, song kg, luo f, qu xy, wang gx*, ling f*. dietary supplementation of salidroside increases immune response and disease resistance of crucian carp ( carassius auratus ) against  aeromonas hydrophila . fish shellfish immunol., 2020, 106:1-7.

[10] tu x, tan xp, qi xz, huang ag, ling f*, wang gx*. proteome interrogation using gold nanoprobes to identify targets of arctigenin in fish parasites. j. nanobiotechnol, 2020, 18:32. (if="6.518)

[11] zhang zy, liu gy, ma r, qi xz, wang gx, zhu b*, ling f*. the immunoprotective effect of whole-cell lysed inactivated vaccine with swcnt as a carrier against  aeromonas hydrophila  infection in grass carp. fish shellfish immunol., 2020, 97:336-43.

[12] luo f, zhu s, hu y, yang kc, he ms, zhu b, wang gx*, ling f*. biocompatibility assessment of fe3o4 nanoparticles using  saccharomyces cerevisiae  as a model organism. comp. biochem. physiol. c toxicol. pharmacol., 2020, 227:108645. (if="2.892)

[13] qi xz, tu x, zha jw, huang ag, wang gx, ling f*. immunosuppression-induced alterations in fish gut microbiota may increase the susceptibility to pathogens. fish shellfish immunol., 2019, 88:540-5. (if="3.298, top)

[14] hu y, shen yf, tu x, wu xh, wang gx, ling f*. isolation of anti-saprolegnia lignans from magnolia offcinalis and sar evaluation of honokiol/magnolol analogs. bioorg. med. chem. lett., 2019, 29:389-95. (if="2.572)

[15] li j, wu zb, zhang z, zha jw, qu sy, qi xz, wang gx*, ling f*. effects of potential probiotic  bacillus velezensis  k2 on growth, immunity and resistance to vibrio  harveyi  infection of hybrid grouper ( epinephelus lanceolatus ♂ ×  e. fuscoguttatus ♀). fish shellfish immunol., 2019, 93:1047-55. (if="3.298, top)

[16] hao k, chen xh, qi xz, zhu b, wang gx*, ling f*. display of gcrv vp7 protein on the surface of escherichia coli and its immunoprotective effects in grass carp ( ctenopharyngodon idella ). fish shellfish immunol., 2018, 72:199-209. (if="3.298, top)

[17] tu x, huang ag, hu y, ling f*, wang gx*. arctigenin: an emerging candidate against infections of  gyrodactylus . aquaculture, 2018, 495:983-91. (if="3.224, top)

[18] yu xb, hao k, li j, chen xh, wang gx*, ling f*. effects of moroxydine hydrochloride and ribavirin on the cellular growth and immune responses by inhibition of gcrv proliferation. res. vet. sci., 2018, 117:37-44. (if="1.892)

[19] chen xh, hao k, yu xb, huang ag, zhu b, wang gx*, ling f*. magnolol protects  ctenopharyngodon idella  kidney cells from apoptosis induced by grass carp reovirus. fish shellfish immunol., 2018, 74:426-35. (if="3.298, top)

[20] song cg, song kg, wu xh, tu x, qi xz, wang gx, ling f*. antiparasitic efficacy and safety assessment of magnolol against  ichthyophthirius multifiliis  in goldfish. aquaculture, 2018, 486:9-17. 1. (if="3.224, top)

8. contact information


college of animal science and technology- northwest a&f university