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17f70951147547e5b271a7a7f6b9bdef.pngdr. yu jiang

professional title: 

professor and pi of agriculture genomics lab

research field:

 agriculture genomics

date of birth:

 dec. 1983cell phone: 86 15029266711



 college of animal science and technology,northwest a & f university, yangling, china, 712100

education and working

2015 - present     professor in college of animal science and technology, northwest a&f university

2013 - 2015        associate professor in college of animal science and technology, northwest a&f university

2011 - 2013        postdoctoral fellow- genome sequence analyst, csiro livestock industries

2006 - 2011        ph.d., state key laboratory of genetic resources and evolution, kunming institute of zoology, cas, china

2002 - 2006 of biotechnology, college of life science, fudan university, china

research interests

we analyzed the big agricultural omics data and identified some major genomic signatures associated with interactions between diet, the digestive system, and metabolism in ruminants, and managed to discover the key economic genotype-phenotype association in peking duck with one mutation increased body size by 15% and feed efficiency by 6%. through innovative bioinformatics analysis, we first reported the use of optical mapping profiling for animal genome assembly and gwas analysis using structural variations. we also contributed to the deciphering of the genetic heritage of worldwide cattle from five distinct pedigrees, and revealed a series of adaptive evolutions. we have published 12 manuscripts as first or senior authorship in journals such as science, nature biotechnology, nature communications, and cell research. our current major area of interest is focused on ruminant livestock and their foregut fermentation system, the rumen, which represents the world’s extraordinarily efficient stomach using microbial flora to ferment the feed. we try to reveal the genetic basis of the rumen and its microbial ecosystem, and finally develop a bionic machine of artificial rumen combined with milk reactor as facilitating the conversion of lignocellulose-rich plant materials, of low value in the human diet, to high value animal protein and lipid.

awards and grants

· 2018   selected in "national science foundation for outstanding young people"

· 2018   won the title of "outstanding young agricultural scientist"

· 2016   talent of "hundred talents plan" in shaanxi province, china

· 2015   young talent of "talent program expert", china

· 2015   finalists of "thousand youth talents plan" in china

· 2014   "technology new star" in shaanxi province, china

· 2014   reward-gainers of the excellent phd dissertations in cas, china


main contributed papers

1. li d, dong y, jiang y, jiang hf, cai j, wang w, a de novo originated gene depresses budding yeast mating pathway and is repressed by the protein encoded by its antisense strand.  cell research  20(4)(2010),408-420.

2. jiang y, li y, lee w, xu x, zhang y, zhao r, zhang y, wang w, venom gland transcriptomes of two elapid snakes (bungarus multicinctus and naja atra) and evolution of toxin genes.  bmc genomics  12(1) (2011), 1-13.

3. dong y, xie m, jiang y…, wang j, wang w, sequencing and automated whole-genome optical mapping of the genome of a domestic goat.  nature biotechnology  31(2) (2013): 135-141  (esi highly cited papers) .

4. jiang y, xie m, chen w…, wang w, dalrymple b. 2014. the sheep genome illuminates biology of the rumen and lipid metabolism.  science  344 (2014): 1168-1172.  (esi highly cited papers) .

5. zhou z, jiang y, wang z…, wang w, tian z. resequencing 302 wild and cultivated accessions identifies genes related to domestication and improvement in soybean.  nature biotechnology  23(4) (2015): 408-414  (esi highly cited papers) .

6. jiang y, wang x, kijas j, dalrymple b. beta globin gene evolution in the ruminants: evidence for an ancient origin of sheep haplotype b. animal genetics (2015) 46: 506–514.

7. dong y, zhang x, xie m…, wang w, jiang y reference genome of wild goat (capra aegagrus) and sequencing of goat breeds provide insight into genic basis of goat domestication.  bmc genomics  (2015), 16:431.

8. chen h, jiang y, progress and prospects in domestic animals and breeding: a review of genomic copy number variations.  biotechnology bulletin  (2015) 31(11): 35-42.

9. li m, zhou h, pan x, …, zi x, jiang y, cassava foliage affects the microbial diversity of chinese indigenous geese caecum using 16s rrna sequencing[j].  scientific reports , 2017, 7.

10. wang x, zheng z, cai y, chen t, li c, fu w, jiang y. cnvcaller: highly efficient and widely applicable software for detecting copy number variations in large populations.  gigascience , 2017.12.4, 6(12)

11. wang x, liu j, niu y, ..., huang x, jiang y, chen y. low incidence of snvs and indels in trio genomes of cas9-mediated multiplex edited sheep  bmc genomics  (2018), 19:397

12. chen n, cai y, chen q,..., jiang y, lei c. whole-genome resequencing reveals world-wide ancestry and multiple adaptive introgression events of domesticated cattle in east asia. accepted by  nature communications  (2018)

13. zhou z, li m, cheng h,...,  hou s, jiang y. an intercross population study reveals genes associated with body size and plumage color in ducks. accepted by  nature communications  (2018)

14. cao y, xu h, li r, …, luo j, jiang y. genetic basis of phenotypic differences between chinese yunling black goats and nubian goats revealed by allele-specific expression in their f1 hybrids.  frontiers in genetics  10:145.doi: 10.3389/fgene.2019.00145

15. li c, li m, li x, , …, jiang y,hu s. whole-genome resequencing reveals loci associated with thoracic vertebrae number in sheep  frontiers in genetics  2019

16. wang y, gao s, zhaoy, …, jiang y*.allele-specific expression and alternative splicing in horse×donkey and cattle×yak hybrids.  zoological research  (2019) (cover story)

17. cheng h,liu j,wen j,,...,song w, sun q, jiang y. frequent intra- and inter-species introgression shapes the landscape of genetic variation in bread wheat.  genome biology , 2019 20:136

18. tian x, li r, fu w, …, li m, jiang y. building a sequence map of the pig pan-genome from multiple de novo assemblies and hi-c data.  science china life sciences (2019)

19. chen l, qiu q, jiang y, ,…,heller r, wang w. large-scale ruminant genome sequencing provides insights into their evolution and distinct traits.  science , 364,eaav6202 (2019) (cover story)

20. wang y, zhang c, wang n, ,…,jiang y,wang w, q qiang. genetic basis of ruminant headgear and rapid antler regeneration.  science , 364, eaav6335(2019)(cover story)

21. sun t, shen s, achilli a,…,jiang y*, lei c*.genomic analyses reveal distinct genetic architectures and selective pressures in buffaloes.  gigascience  . 2020 feb 1;9(2):giz166.

22. jiao f#, lou r#, dai x#,liu h#,…,qian y*, zhao a*,jiang y*, chromosome-level reference genome and population genomic analysis provide insight into the evolution and improvement of domesticated mulberry (morus alba l),  molecular plant. (2020)

23. chen, n., fu, w., zhao, j., shen, j., chen, q., zheng, z., ... & jiang, y. bgvd: an integrated database for bovine sequencing variations and selective signatures.  genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics. (2020)

24. zheng z , wang x , li m , ,..., chen y, jiang y. the origin of domestication genes in goats.  science advances , 2020, 6:eaaz5216.(cover story)

25. cai y, fu w, cai d, ,…, jiang y, wang x. ancient genomes reveal the evolutionary history and origin of cashmere producing goats in china.  molecular biology and evolution .(2020)(cover story)


invited presentations in international conferences

1. "the progress of sheep and goat genome assembly" may 13-14, 2010, shenzhen, china."international conference of 1000 plant and animal reference genomes project

2. "sequencing and assembly of the sheep reference genome".plant & animal genomes xix conference,jan 15-19, 2011 san diego, us.

3. "high-resolution analysis of allelic expression in seven sheep tissues".plant & animal genomes xix conference,jan 15-19, 2011 san diego, us.

4. "sheep genome project: gap filling and unbalanced allelic expression".plant & animal genomes xx conference,jan 14-18, 2012 san diego, us.

5. "the quality of sheep reference genome, oar v3.1".5th 3sr consortium meeting,june 28-29, alghero, italy.

6. "a reference genome of the domestic goat".33rd international society for animal genetics,july 15-20, 2012, cairns, australia.

7. "the imprintome of a domestic sheep".33rd international society for animal genetics,july 15-20, 2012, cairns, australia.

8. "the domestic sheep reference genome assembly".33rd international society for animal genetics,july 15-20, 2012, cairns, australia.

9. "detection of large-scale variation among sheep goat and cattle genomes".34th international society for animal genetics,july 27-31, 2014, xi'an, china.

10. "comparative genomics analysis provides new insights to ruminant biology".9th international conference on genomics,sep 9-12, 2014, shenzhen, china.

11. "construction and evaluation of the caprinae pan-genome".3rd livestock genomics meeting,sep 14-16, 2016, cambridge, uk.

12. “the ruminant biology and evolution revealed by a flock of ruminant de novo genomes”36th international society for animal genetics,july 17-21, 2017, dublin, ireland

13. “world-wide ancestry and multiple adaptive introgression events of domesticated cattle”fossils and ancient genomics symposium,apr 17, 2018, shenzhen, china

14. “frequent intra- and inter-species introgression shape the landscape of genetic variation in bread wheat”pag asia2019, jun 6-8, 2019, shenzhen, china

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