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10.pngmin juan zhang phd

assistant investigator

sericulture and silk institute

college of animal science and technology

contact information

22 xinong road, yangling, shaanxi, p. r. china, 712100


research interests

(1) cultivation, breeding and product development of mulberry ( morus  alba  l.)

(2) molecular mechanism of mulberry response to abiotic stress, especially drought


phd zhejiang university, biology 2012

m.s. northwest a&f university, molecular biology 2007

b.s. northwest a&f university, biotechnology 2004


(1) undergraduate courses: animal developmental biology

(2) graduate courses: progress in special economic animal

(3) graduate courses: special economic animal resources and breeding technology


(1)national special fund for development of cocoon silk (201401)

(2) natural science basic research plan in shaanxi province (2015jq3071)

(3)fundamental research funds for the central universities (2452016035)

(4)natural science basic research project in shaanxi province (2019jm-156)

publications (# first author, *corresponding author)

1. zheng zl, liang jj, su c, ... zhang mj*, qian yh*. isolation and identification of a mulberry sclerotinia sclerotiorum and screening of plant-derived bacteriostatic. acta sericologica sinica. 2021,47(1):0001-0007.

2. wang yf, huang yz, zhao xx, ... zhang mj*, qian yh*. effects of different exogenous hormones on the development of mulberry fruit. acta sericologica sinica. 2020,46(6): 0678-0684.

3. gao hp, zheng z, liu c, ... zhang mj*. effects of cadmium and lead stress on seed germination, seedling growth and heavy metal accumulation of mulberry journal of anhui agricultural sciences. 2020,48(11):131-136.

4. li sj, zhang mj, meng ct, et al. gene cloning and expression analysis of the magpx family in morus alba l .acta botanica boreali-occidentalia sinica, 2019,3(6): 0991-1000.

5. shang st, li sj, su c, ... zhang mj*, qian yh*. expression and function analysis of mulberry osmotin gene. acta sericologica sinica, 2019,45(5): 0625-0633.

6. zhao xx, gao hp, wang yf, ... zhang mj*, qian yh*. changes in content of endogenous hormones during mulberry fruit development and its relationship with maturation. acta sericologica sinica, 2019,45(05):24-31.

7. zhang mj#, li sj, chen qq, et al. characterization and genetic mapping of a dwarf and low-tillering mutant in rice. chin j rice sci, 2018.

8. zhang mj#, li zl, su wl, et al. anatomical structure and drought-tolerance analysis of stem and leaf of eight mulberry varieties. science of sericulture, 2018,04:516-522.

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13. zhangmj#, tian ch#, fan xy, et al.  bombyx  mori  nucleopolyhedrovirus orf54, a viral desmoplakin gene, is associated with the infectivity of budded virions. archives of virology, 2012,57(7):1241-1251.

14. zhang mj#, cheng rl, lou yh, et al. disruption of  bombyx  mori  nucleopolyhedrovirus orf71 (bm71) results in inefficient budded virus production and decreased virulence in host larvae. virus genes, 2012,45(1):161-168.

15. liu mj#, zhang mj#, jiang w#, et al. genetic diversity of shaanxi soybean landraces based on agronomic traits and ssr markers. african journal of biotechnology, 2011,10(24):4823-4837.

16. khurad am, zhang mj, deshmukh cg, et al. a new continuous cell line from larval ovaries of silkworm,  bombyx  mori . in vitro cellular & developmental biology. animal, 2009,45(8):414-419.

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