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6.pngxin’e shi, professor  

college of animal science and technology            

northwest a&f university

yangling, shaanxi 712100 china

telephone: +86-29-87091017

fax: +86-29-87092164



2013-2014    visiting scholar, purdue university, west lafayette, indiana, u.s.

2006-2011   ph.d., zoology, northwest a&f university

2000-2004, animal nutrition & feed science, northwest a&f university

1989-1993, sericology, southwest agriculture university

research interests:

1) the mechanism of gene expression regulation during adipocyte proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis

2) the molecular mechanism of myoblast development and muscle fiber type determination

3) study on key technology of high quality pork production


1) the national nature science foundation project of china (no. 31772570)

2) the national nature science foundation project of china (no. 31272410)

3) the major projects for genetically modified organisms breeding of china (no. 2016zx08006-003)

4) the national basic research programs of china grant (no. 2015cb943102)

5) the key research and development program of shaanxi province (no. 2020ny-004)

6) the nature science foundation project of shaanxi province (no. 2016jm3013)

recent publications (# first author, *corresponding author):

[1]  liu yh#, wang j#, zhou xm, cao hg, zhang xy, huang kl, li x, yang gs, shi xe*.mir-324-5p inhibits c2c12 cell differentiation and promotes intramuscular lipid deposition through lncdum and pm20d1.  molecular therapy-nucleic acids . 2020, 22:722-732

[2]  zhou xm#, shi xe#, wang j, zhang xy, xu yt,| liu yh, li x, yang gs*. mir-324-5p promotes adipocyte differentiation and lipid droplet accumulation by targeting krueppel-like factor3 (klf3) [j].  journal of cell physiology . 2020, 235(10):7484-7495.

[3]  lu jf#, zhu mq#, cao hg, zhang x, wang zl, zhang xy, xiao li, hu jh, yang gs, shi xe*. impact of fermented corn-soybean meal on gene expression of immunity in the blood, level of secretory immunoglobulin a, and mucosa-associated bacterial community in the intestine of grower-finisher pigs [j].  frontiers in veterinary science , 2020, 7:246.

[4]  shi xe #, zhou xm, chu xy, wang j, xie bc, ge j, guo y, li x, yang gs *. allicin improves metabolism in high-fat diet-induced obese mice by modulating the gut microbiota [j].  nutrients , 2019, 11(12): 2909.

[5]  wang j#, ge j#, cao hg, zhang xy, guo y, li x , xia b, yang gs and shi xe*. leptin promotes white adipocyte browning by inhibiting the hh signaling pathway [j].  c  ells , 2019, 8(4):372.

[6]  lu jf, zhang xy, liu yh, cao hg, han qc, xie bc, fan lj, li x, hu jh, yang gs, shi xe*. effect of fermented corn-soybean meal on serum immunity, the expression of genes related to gut immunity, gut microbiota, and bacterial metabolites in grower-finisher pigs [j].  frontiers in microbiology , 2019, 10:2620.

[7]  ge j, zhu jy, xia b, cao hg, peng y, li x, yu ty, chu gy, yang gs, shi xe*. mir-423-5p inhibits myoblast proliferation and differentiation by targeting sufu[j].  journal of cellular biochemistry , 2018, 119:7610-7620.

[8]  zhu jy#, shi xe#, lu hz, xia b, li yf, zhang ql, li x, and yang gs*. rna-seq analysis between white and red skeletal muscle of the large white pigs [j].  molecular genetics and genomics , 2016, 291(2): 687-701.

[9]  shi xe, li yf, jia l, ji hl, song zy, cheng j, wu gf, song cc, zhang ql, zhu jy, yang gs*. altered cell proliferation and differentiation by microrna-199a-5p overexpression indicates a role in porcine adipogenesis [j].  i  nternational   j  ournal   of   m  olecular   s  ciences , 2014, 15, 8526-8538.

[10] jia l#, li yf#, wu gf, song zy, lu hz, song cc, zhang ql, zhu jy, yang gs, shi xe*. mirna-199a-3p regulates c2c12 myoblast differentiation through igf-1/akt/mtor signal pathway [j].  i  nternational   j  ournal   of   m  olecular   s  ciences , 2014, 15(1): 296-308.

college of animal science and technology- northwest a&f university