college of animal science and technology-ag旗舰厅

animal science (national first-class major and famous brand major in shaanxi province) has a four-year academic system, which trains senior scientific and technological individuals engaged in animal science research and modern animal production, and highlights the training of basic theories and skills. after graduation, students are expected to be engaged in operation and management, professional technical design, product development and marketing, technology promotion, teaching and scientific research in animal science, animal nutrition and feed processing and related fields.

aquaculture (national first-class major) has a four-year academic system, which trains senior individuals with basic theoretical and practical skills in the production and management of aquatic economic animals and plants, monitoring and protection of water ecological environment, development and utilization of aquatic living resources and aquatic product processing, inspection and quarantine of aquatic animal diseases, aquatic animal nutrition and feed processing, etc. after graduation, students are expected to work in fishery production, operation and management, protection and development of aquatic living resources, aquatic technology extension services, teaching and scientific research in related fields or departments of aquatic science.

smart animal husbandry science and engineering (newly added major in 2021) has a four-year academic system. based on needs to develop modern animal husbandry in china, and serving the rural revitalization strategy in the new era, this program aims to cultivate individuals with broad international vision and strong learning and innovation ability; and to master smart pasture design and management, animal husbandry big data collection and analysis, as well as environmental control technology of livestock farms and livestock and poultry waste treatment technology. students are expected to have the basic ability of intelligent animal husbandry science and engineering technology in scientific research in animal husbandry field, development and application of animal husbandry intelligent equipment and management software; to have deep feelings of loving agriculture, wisdom and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative, and to be competent for intelligent animal husbandry enterprises and related undertakings and scientific research departments to engage in animal husbandry production and management, technology and product research and development and promotion, etc.