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with the admission of chen xiangnan from animal science class 1805 to the city university of hong kong, the postgraduate admission rate of the undergraduate students of 2022 from the college of animal science and technology reached 70.8 percent, a record high! of the 150 students who are going to have their postgraduate study, 67 are selected without postgraduate entrance examination due to their excellence, and 83 are winners in postgraduate entrance examination. the proportion of those who entered double-first-class universities, project 985 universities, the chinese academy of sciences, the agricultural sciences system or universities outside china reached 97.3 percent.

interest plays an important part

interest is the best teacher! when students of class 2018 entered the university, they were having a low voluntary rate, with the first voluntary rate of animal science and aquaculture being 6.12% and 1.79% respectively. in order to enable students to truly understand "what the major is," "what they learn now," "what they will do in the future," and enhance their professional self-confidence, the college has carried out multi-level, multi-angle and multi-form professional ideological education work.

first, orientations of various kinds were carried out for all the students when they just entered the college. by implementing the "five one" project for entrance education, organizing face-to-face exchanges for students and "experts, professors, college leaders, enterprise executives, management cadres and excellent students" to talk about specialties and industries, and by organize students to go into modern animal husbandry enterprises and see industry, they obtained a clear understanding of the program.

second, peer-led programs were launched, including a forum for outstanding young alumni on "hand in hand for the future," and sharing with you my job-seeking story etc. to specify the direction of academic and professional development, peer micro-classes were organized to exchange the experience.

efforts are necessary

over the years, the college has persistently attached great importance to learning atmosphere, given full play to peer’s role as an example, and created a good style of study in classes, which has deeply infected students and changed their "passiveness" to "initiative." they have changed from "i’m expected to learn" into "i want to learn" soon after they came here. a good start is half a success. a very good atmosphere of the class 2018 was formed from the first semester. teachers often go to their self-study classroom, encouraging students to be free from formalism and pay attention to the actual effect of study.

in the final exam of the first term, 8 students got full marks in "higher mathematics," and the number of failing grades reduced sharply. by promoting the academic tutorial system, setting up peer support groups, holding seminars on advanced deeds of graduate party members and on exchange of experience in research and education, the college has carried out the construction of demonstration classes with a good atmosphere of study. a series of measures were adopted to help students do better in their learning.

great achievements were obtained

through activities of different kinds such as promoting enterprising and strengthening social practice, the college is endeavoring in nurturing students with strong love for agriculture. 80% students of class 2018 participated in science innovation projects and 7 sci papers were published with these students as the first authors. honors of various types were obtained by these students, which demonstrated the college’s motto of cultivating virtue to develop animal husbandry so as to prosper the society.

since 2017, the college's undergraduate enrollment rate has remained above 60%. the high rate for many years in succession is the effective inheritance of the fine tradition of the college, the professional teachers’ education, high-efficiency management, and the result of the joint efforts of teachers and students. the college will continue to be based on the cultivation of moral integrity and the promotion of agriculture as its mission, cultivate more new talents who know and love agriculture, promote the school's "double first-class" construction, and realize the implicit development of higher education.