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brief introduction to luochuan pig breeding and experiment demonstration base

experiment and demonstration base: jiuxian town, luochuan county, yan'an city

chief expert: professor yang gongshe

basic information:

luochuan pig breeding and experiment demonstration base (luochuan pig research institute) was built by the agreement signed by yan'an municipal people's government and the northwest a&f university in 2012. the base adopts the university-local government cooperation mode, mainly aiming at the development of pig industry in yan'an and even northwest china, and carrying out scientific research and technology extension through the combination of pigs and fruits; the main goal is to carry out research and popularization of pig raising science and technology, promote the development of pig industry, increase new economic growth points with agricultural characteristics for yan'an, improve the economic benefits of pig industry, scientifically and rationally utilize the manure and urine resources produced by pig raising, improve the problem of low organic matter in apple orchard soil, and provide organic fertilizer for high-quality apple production.

the base is located in the jiuxian town of luochuan county, with 17 technicians, and 11 experts selected by the university and yan'an municipal government, including 3 professors, 5 associate professors and 3 others; luochuan county cooperates with 6 technicians. the room for scientific research, training, office and living is about 1550 square meters (laboratory area is 800m2, office and apartment area is 750m2). the base has more than 40 sets of instruments for scientific research, a demonstration farm that can accommodate 300 basic sows, and more than 500 acres of apple orchard (operated by local governments) that can be used for demonstration and extension. the base has convenient communication network and transportation, complete living facilities, and can accommodate 10 teachers and 15 to 20 graduate students to study and live in the base.

the base mainly serves local pig production, organic fertilizer processing, pig disease prevention and control, ecological agriculture combining fruit and livestock, scientific popularization, and technician training.

main work and results:

i. research

after several years' construction, luochuan pig raising experimental demonstration base has mainly carried out the following research and experimental extension: pig manure organic fertilizer on orchard soil fertility and apple quality improvement and efficiency improvement; study on high temperature composting of pig manure and production technology of special apple fertilizer: research and demonstration of key technologies for semen preservation of improved boars at room temperature.

the key technical problems in production solved include: heavy metals exceeding the standard after pig manure is applied to orchard as organic fertilizer; resource utilization and odor of pig manure; technology of producing organic fertilizer by pig manure fermentation: semen diluent in breeding boar station depends on import and the rate of giving birth is low after breeding; high mortality rate of piglets in small and medium-sized pig farms in winter; pertinence of pig manure organic fertilizer fertilization: high cost of semen diluent in breeding boar station; use of active biological feed additives; effect of pig manure organic fertilizer on soil in orchard: odor discharge from large-scale pig farms; technology and ingredients of organic fertilizer production by pig manure fermentation alone; low birth rate after semen mating.

an academician workstation in luochuan is to be built, and academician li defa of china agricultural university is to be hired.

in the past five years, three new semen diluents (medium, long and short-effect) have been developed, and one new variety of special fertilizer series for orchards has been developed. 53 scientific research papers have been published, and one patent and one registered trademark have been obtained. since 2015, the station has received 2.7 million yuan from yan'an municipal government and 1 million yuan from shaanxi provincial department of agriculture. 200,000 yuan for special equipment was funded by yan'an , and relying on the experimental station, the chief expert of the project received 700,000 yuan from the national system every year, and the members received 500,000 yuan from shaanxi science and technology projects, 100,000 yuan from yangling demonstration zone construction, or 70,000 yuan from schools.

ii demonstration and extension

since the base was built, the combination of pig raising and fruit livestock has always been the focus of technology research, development and extension. more than 10 advanced technologies, such as artificial insemination of pigs, processing and producing special organic fertilizer for apples with pig manure, effective utilization of pig manure in orchards, drip irrigation of biogas slurry orchards, etc., have been promoted successively, 207,500 improved pigs, 770,000 improved semens, 60,000 tons of special organic fertilizer for pig manure and apples, with a fertilization area of 30,000 mu, and economic benefits of 115.58 million yuan have been obtained. more than 80% of the county is covered by improved varieties, and more than 10% of farmers are covered by apple organic fertilizer. every year, more than 10 demonstration parks, cooperatives and enterprises and more than 20 demonstration farms receive guidance.

iii. education

it has provided trained for more than 200 undergraduates and postgraduates, more than 10 young teachers, 350 grassroots technical backbones, and 710 trainees.

iv. exchanges and cooperation

the base has received more than 10 visits at home and abroad, including the ministry of agriculture and surrounding cities and counties; received more than 40 pig-raising enterprises in the province, received the provincial pig industry system team once, the member units of the provincial pig-raising association once, held a seminar on the combination of fruit and livestock in yan'an with more than 150 participants, held a seminar on the ecological development of the combination of fruit and livestock in the province with more than 140 participants, and held a technical observation on the combination of fruit and livestock and pig manure resource utilization in yan'an with more than 70 participants.

animal husbandry experimental teaching base


animal husbandry experimental teaching base of the northwest a&f university is a farm integrating teaching, scientific research and popularization. it consists of experimental breeding pig farm, chicken farm, beef cattle farm, dairy farm, sheep farm and feed factory. it covers an area of 300 mu, including 160 mu of breeding land and 130 mu of feed land, with a building area of 21,198 ㎡. the designed scale includes 500 breeding sheep; 160 cows; 500 beef cattle; 300 basic sows; 15,000 sets of egg breeders; and 20,000 tons feed production.

the base has a building area of 3000 ㎡ for office and laboratory; the dormitory building can accommodate 120 people from 4 standard classes for internships at the same time; there are student canteens, dining rooms, bathrooms, laboratories, classrooms, sports fields, basketball courts, badminton courts and table tennis tables, which can meet the needs of internship students in experiment, study, life and cultural and sports activities.

main functions

1. practice and experiment for students: it can meet the needs of practice and scientific research experiment for 120 undergraduates and 50 postgraduates majoring in animal science, animal medicine, grassland science and related majors.

2. college students' entrepreneurship incubation center: it can provide college students with the necessary entrepreneurial conditions in animal husbandry industry, and to independently undertake production and sales tasks through college students' employment in farms, so as to provide a training base for them to start businesses in the society.

3. implementation of scientific research projects: it can provide good experimental conditions for scientific research projects such as animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and biological science, and complete scientific research tasks such as breeding, feeding and product processing.

4. social services: the base provides improved pigs, chickens, high-yield dairy cows, beef cattle and improved dairy goats to the society all the year round.

5. science and technology demonstration function: the base gives priority to the implementation of advanced technology and the use of the latest research results, application of mature advanced and practical technology to production, and demonstration of industrial development of animal husbandry.

6. animal husbandry technology training and promotion function: carry out practical skills operation training, provide a training base for practical talents training, combine with improved varieties promotion, push the latest practical technology and scientific and technological achievements to the society, and improve the animal husbandry level of all members of society.

brief introduction to ankang aquatic products experiment and demonstration station

location: hengkou demonstration zone, ankang city, shaanxi province

chief expert: professor ji hong

basic information:

in january 2007, northwest a&f university signed a cooperation and co-construction agreement with ankang municipal people's government, and established ankang aquatic products experiment and demonstration station of northwest a&f university in hengkou demonstration zone of ankang city. the station covers an area of 60.2 mu, including 34 mu of aquaculture water surface, with comprehensive laboratory, feed pilot workshop, seedling breeding workshop, circulating water aquaculture system and remote training multimedia classroom, etc., with a building area of 2,937 square meters. the team consists of more than ten experts engaged in aquaculture, nutrition and feed, resources and environment, such as liu chao, dong wuzi, zhou jishu, yu haibo, liu haixia and wang tao. the accommodation conditions in the station are complete, and the wireless network is fully covered. it can accept two undergraduate standard classes to carry out teaching practice at the same time. more than 10 doctoral and master's students carry out scientific research and industrial practice at the station, and 12 experts work at the station. it is an aquatic product professional experimental station integrating industrial service, scientific research promotion, personnel training, exchange and cooperation, etc. it has been recognized by shaanxi science and technology department and provincial association for science and technology as provincial county science and technology innovation experimental demonstration station and shaanxi agricultural expert service station respectively.

main work and results

i. research

the station focuses on three major directions: "conservation, development and utilization of aquatic economic animal resources in qinba mountain area", "construction of fishery green ecological healthy breeding mode" and "ecological environment protection of water source in the middle route of south-to-north water transfer project". aiming at the key and bottleneck technologies of the industry, we continued to carry out scientific research, and successively approved 48 scientific and technological projects at all levels such as national, provincial and municipal and horizontal projects, with an in-place fund of 6.273 million yuan; so far 8 provincial and municipal science and technology awards have been obtained, among them, "research and demonstration of efficient breeding technology of paddlefish" won the special prize of ankang science and technology and the third prize of shaanxi science and technology, research and demonstration of fishery ecological breeding technology in ankang section of hanjiang river won the first prize of ankang science and technology and the third prize of shaanxi science and technology, and the project "research and development and industrial application of key technologies for grass carp quality improvement and emission reduction" won the first prize of science and technology progress award of chinese academy of fishery sciences. in addition, the station also won the innovation award of china innovation challenge (ankang division) and the silver award of shaanxi science and technology workers innovation and entrepreneurship competition; 4 patents were declared and 3 patents were approved; he has published more than 80 scientific papers.

ii. demonstration and extension

according to the ecological fishery construction in ankang area and the specific situation of being located in the water conservation area of the middle route of south-to-north water transfer project, the station focuses on the important needs of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy in qinba mountain area. the experimental station has broken through the key and bottleneck technologies of the industry, such as artificial breeding of famous fish such as paddlefish, scaly white turtle and mandarin fish, development of characteristic feed resources and ecological breeding of "two micro-, one base and one dish" in ponds. it also developed and demonstrated a number of key ecological fishery technologies, such as key technologies for the conservation of indigenous fish resources in qinba mountain area, ecological aquaculture technology for reservoirs, ecological aquaculture technology for cold water in mountainous areas, key technologies for ecological recycling fishery in paddy fields of fishing chain, and creation technology for selenium-enriched aquatic products. the station carries out more than 50 centralized technical trainings, more than 400 on-site trainings, more than 10,000 person-times of training, more than 20 aquatic products enterprises of technical support, and organizes local counterparts to study and study in developed fishery areas for 12 times; leading the creation of a number of scientific and technological innovation platforms, including shaanxi provincial aquaculture technology innovation strategic alliance, national hanshui river station, academician expert workstation of zhenping yinyuan ecological resources protection and development co., ltd., ankang aquatic technology engineering research center, ankang ecological fishery industry science and technology innovation demonstration base, etc. with the establishment of shaanxi science and technology commissioner aquaculture industry technical service group including off-campus experts, a number of industrial demonstration models have been established, among which hanyin yongfeng ecological agriculture technology co., ltd., zhenping yinyuan ecological resources protection and development co., ltd., langao green water ecology co., ltd. and shaanxi yijiayi agricultural science and technology development co., ltd. have been approved as national healthy aquaculture demonstration farms. it provides strong scientific and technological support for the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of fisheries in ankang and even shaanxi and the green and healthy development.

iii. education

since the establishment, the station has received more than 1,100 students to do experiments, including 866 undergraduates and 232 doctoral students; in 2013, the achievement of "exploration and practice of constructing a comprehensive practical teaching system of" one body and two wings "for aquatic science specialty based on the platform of experimental station" won the first prize of teaching achievement of the school. the station attaches importance to the cultivation of professional degree postgraduates, and has selected and recruited a number of students enrolled in professional master's degree as part-time research assistants of the experimental station, and has been approved by the national steering committee for postgraduate education of agricultural professional degree and the teaching reform project of the graduate school of the university, and was recognized as the "national base for the characteristics of practical education for postgraduates of agricultural master's degree" by the national instruction committee for agricultural professional master's degree in 2018. the station has also supported a number of college students' entrepreneurial enterprises, among which three graduate students founded hanbin district anying agricultural science and technology co., ltd, which was funded by the national college students' entrepreneurial practice project and the provincial science and technology department's science and technology project, and has grown into the largest ornamental fish production enterprise in ankang.

iv. cooperation and social impact

the station carried out close cooperation with the united states kentucky state university, japan national aquaculture research institute and the chinese academy of sciences institute of aquatic biology, the chinese academy of agricultural sciences feed research institute, the chinese academy of aquatic sciences, shanghai ocean university, central china agricultural university, dalian ocean university and other domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. the station invited more than two hundred domestic and foreign experts to ankang, for the qinba special hardship areas to get rid of poverty and wealth and water conservation in the south-north water diversion of water and other key issues, to carry out cooperative technology research and development and training guidance, and to contribute to the government to introduce industrial policies. in addition, it also received more than 100 leaders from the ministry of science and technology, the provincial people's congress, the provincial department of science and technology, the provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, and all cities in the province.

the work of the station continues to be concerned and affirmed by the media from all walks of life. cctv's "science and technology park" column, guangming daily, shaanxi daily, chinese business daily, ankang daily, agricultural science and technology newspaper and other media reported on the station's involvement in the construction of fishery industry in qinling bashan mountains.

brief introduction to sericulture experiment and demonstration base

location: shiquan county, ankang city, shaanxi province

chief expert: researcher su chao

basic information:

sericulture is a regional advantageous and characteristic industry in shaanxi province, and it is the main industry for many counties and districts in southern shaanxi to get rid of poverty and increase farmers' income. on december 8, 2006, our university signed the agreement on co-construction of sericulture experiment demonstration base with people's government of shiquan county. in 2007, when exploring the agricultural technology extension mode based on universities, shiquan sericulture experiment demonstration base was established, and in 2013, it signed a co-construction agreement with people's government of shiquan county again.

the base is provided by the local government with hardware facilities such as living, office, scientific research, training and network communication.

the base fully relies on the scientific and technological strength of sericulture research institute of our university. with the participation of multidisciplinary experts, close cooperation with local agricultural technology forces in view of the key problems existing in sericulture industry, scientific research and popularization work such as breeding excellent sericulture varieties, research and development of practical new sericulture technologies and equipment, ecological function and industrial development of mulberry trees, functional development and utilization of sericulture resources, and construction of simple and efficient demonstration sites have been carried out, and new models of demonstrating modern sericulture science and technology have been actively explored. after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, shiquan sericulture industry has been further expanded, and becomes the largest sericulture county in northwest china. industrial diversification and industrial chain have been further broadened, and a number of high-value utilization technology enterprises of sericulture resources have been cultivated. two stable sericulture demonstration villages and 100 science and technology demonstration households have been established in dayang village of chihe town and xinhua village of raofeng town, which have become advanced sericulture demonstration models in shiquan county and ankang city, and have received visits from various places inside and outside the province. at the same time, about 10 graduate students and undergraduates are admitted to work, study and innovate in the base every year. it has attracted wide attention all over the country and won honors for the university.

main work and results

i. research

1. the database of silkworm and mulberry germplasm resources was initially established: 214 silkworm germplasm resources and more than 420 mulberry germplasm resources were collected and preserved, and their basic data were collected and included.

2. breeding: three sericulture varieties have been selected and approved at provincial level, namely, excellent silkworm variety shaanxi silkworm no. 6, artificial tetraploid mulberry variety shaanxi mulberry no. 402 and fruit mulberry variety hongguo no. 2. a number of reserved excellent varieties are to be examined and approved.

3. the cultivation, cutting and harvesting techniques and feed utilization techniques of different types of ecological mulberry in northern shaanxi were studied and summarized.

4. developed processing technologies such as mulberry leaf fu tea, edible mulberry leaf powder, mulberry leaf protein powder, mulberry branch wood vinegar and mulberry fruit wine.

5. the base has won 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes of provincial scientific and technological achievements; obtained 1 invention patent and applied for 5 invention patents. formulate and issue 12 local standards; published 3 works and more than 80 research papers.

ii. demonstration and extension

1. main technology research and development: the integrated research and development of "light, simple and efficient sericulture production technology" includes 13 items in the whole process of sericulture production, which improves the overall labor efficiency of sericulture production by more than 2 times and reduces the cost by more than 40%, thus achieving the goals of light, simple, labor-saving, cost-saving and high efficiency. this technology won the first prize of science and technology in shaanxi province, and shaanxi cocoon silk office also promoted and applied this technology as the main technology for the construction of "strong village project" in the whole province. at present, the coverage rate of this technology is over 60%, the demonstration and promotion area is 200,000 mu, and the labor-saving supporting technology raises more than 200,000 silkworms annually, saving costs and increasing efficiency and increasing farmers' income by 50 million yuan annually.

2. demonstration model construction: three high-efficiency sericulture family farms have been built, and the compound management technologies such as "light and simple sericulture mulberry field raising chickens", "light and simple sericulture mulberry field interplanting" and "sericulture edible fungi" have been comprehensively demonstrated, with an average income of 10,000 yuan per mu.

3. construction of standardized cultivation and demonstration base of fruit mulberry: more than 1,000 mu of standardized demonstration base of fruit mulberry was built, and organic product certification was obtained, with an income of 8,200 yuan per mu of fruit mulberry. more than 20,000 mu of standardized cultivation and pest control techniques of fruit mulberry were demonstrated and popularized in the whole province.

4. ecological mulberry demonstration base in northern shaanxi: zichang modern sericulture demonstration base, suide and yuyang loess hilly and gully region ecological mulberry feed utilization and demonstration base and yuyang and shenmu desert feed mulberry demonstration base were built to comprehensively test and demonstrate mulberry industrialization application technology.

iii. education

since the construction of the base, 7 doctoral students and 30 master students have been trained. it has accepted 4 batches of 30 undergraduates' summer social practice, 28 postgraduates and 5 young teachers' production practice and exercise.

the base has held and participated in more than 100 technical trainings for technical cadres, large sericulture households and sericulture farmers, and trained more than 300 technical backbones and more than 5,000 sericulture farmers.

three graduate students won two second prizes and one third prize in the "national sericulture biotechnology competition for college students".

iv. exchanges and cooperation

since the construction of the base, it has hosted four national academic conferences. it organizes team members to participate in domestic academic exchange activities every year, and several batches of counterparts from inside and outside the province come to shiquan base for academic exchanges and academic discussions every year. su chao, the chief expert, has served as director of china silkworm society, member of national sericulture standardization committee, vice chairman of shaanxi silkworm society and vice president of shaanxi silk association. he was employed as the chief expert of ankang sericulture science and technology innovation expert workstation, the stationmaster of xixiang sericulture expert workstation, and the researcher of china shiquan gold-plated copper silkworm culture research institute.

scientific and technological activities such as scientific research and promotion in shiquan sericulture base have been reported by shaanxi daily, cctv-7 and other media at or above the prefecture level for more than 50 times.

brief introduction to jinchang-yanan mutton sheep experiment and demonstration base

location: yuansheng agriculture and animal husbandry technology co., ltd., hongguang farm, yongchang county, jinchang city, gansu province,  yan'an city, shaanxi province

chief expert::song yuxuan

basic information:

jinchang mutton sheep experiment and demonstration base of northwest a&f university was established in 2012, which was jointly built by our university and jinchang municipal government, relying on yuansheng agriculture and animal husbandry technology co., ltd in gansu. at present, the base has 8 intelligent standard sheep houses covering an area of 6,919 square meters, 1 forage storage and processing center, 1 expert building covering an area of 10,432 square meters, 2 milking halls and 1 comprehensive laboratory for dairy sheep. it can satisfy the scientific and technical research and development and practical ability improvement of teachers and students in dairy sheep breeding, reproduction, feed nutrition and environmental control. the base has bred and formed the largest hybrid generation of east foley raw milk sheep and hu sheep in china, and the hybrid generation has completely realized mechanized milking. under the technical guidance of our university's expert team, gansu yuansheng agriculture and animal husbandry technology co., ltd., the base's construction unit, has also become the first enterprise in china to produce sheep milk on a large scale. after the completion of the project, 20,000 dairy sheep can be slaughtered, 80,000 mutton sheep can be sold, 23,000 tons of sheep milk can be produced, and more than 10,000 tons of sheep milk products can be processed every year, with an output value of nearly 500 million yuan. after putting into production, it will play an important role in demonstrating and leading the development of dairy sheep industry in china, and make the development of sheep industry in jinchang form the transformation and upgrading characteristics of "unique, special, excellent and excellent".

yan'an (wuqi) mutton sheep experiment and demonstration base of northwest a&f university was established in 2013, which was jointly established by our university in cooperation with yan'an city and wuqi county. the base is located in the sheep farm in wuqi county, but the technology covers wuqi, ansai, zhidan, ganquan, huanglong, huangling, luochuan, fuxian and yanchuan counties. after several years' efforts by scientific research and extension personnel in the base, the production of mutton sheep in yan'an has changed from raising cashmere goats to raising sheep. high-breeding hu sheep has become the first choice for mutton sheep production in yan'an area. the bas has established a high-efficiency production mode 461 and implemented in the base. by using this mode, the "golden" growth and reproduction age of mutton sheep can be fully utilized, the reproduction and production potential can be maximized, the breeding cost of mutton sheep can be obviously reduced, and the problem of low breeding benefit of house-fed mutton sheep can be fundamentally solved. by vigorously promoting the high-breeding hu sheep and high-efficiency hybridization mode, yan'an has produced more than 200,000 mutton sheep and increased the breeding income by 128 million yuan. hu sheep and related technologies in yan'an base have been popularized and radiated to more than ten counties in yulin, weinan, tongchuan and other regions, which has played a positive role in demonstrating and driving the development of mutton sheep industry in shaanxi province and even northwest china. the project "integration and promotion of key technologies for efficient breeding of meat sheep", which was completed by yan'an mutton sheep experiment and demonstration base, won the first prize of agricultural technology promotion in shaanxi province in 2015 and the third prize of harvest of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery by the ministry of agriculture in 2016. at present, the benefit of mutton sheep breeding in yan'an has been significantly improved, which has made many farmers get rid of poverty and become rich, and has been highly affirmed by yan'an municipal government.

main work and results

i. research

1. research achievements

(1) in view of the current situation that the industrialization of dairy sheep in china is zero and there is no large-scale self-produced sheep milk, the base takes the lead in introducing east friensian milk sheep embryos in batches, innovatively crossing with new groups of hu sheep cultivated by the base, and taking the lead in carrying out the work of "cultivating new varieties of dairy sheep in china". at present, the largest population of 11,200 east lake hybrid first-generation and second-generation sheep in china has been formed in the base, realizing mechanized milking and developing products such as pasteurized milk, yogurt and cheese.

(2) according to the nutritional needs of meat sheep in different physiological stages, 39 products including milk substitute for lambs, 30% series concentrated feed, series concentrated feed supplement, complete mixed pellet feed and pellet concentrated feed were developed. the scheme of accurate nutrition supply in groups was put forward, which effectively balanced the nutrition balance of house-fed mutton sheep diet, and improved the feed utilization rate and feeding benefit.

(3) the nutritional components of sheep milk at different lactation stages and different hybrid generations were systematically studied, and the nutritional analysis was compared with goat milk, milk and human milk, and the electrophoretic bands of marker proteins were identified to distinguish sheep milk, goat milk and milk. expert of the base presided over the drafting of sheep milk quality and hygiene standards, and is applying for local standards in gansu province.

(4) in view of the large demand for lamb with high nutritional value, good taste, low cholesterol content and no pollution in the market, the two bases implemented 4611 high-efficiency production mode to improve the production speed of lambs and realize the market at the age of 2-4 months.

(5) cross with suffolk sheep, texel sheep, du bo sheep and hu sheep in yan'an area. the results showed that the 4-month-old lambs crossed by suffolk sheep, texel sheep and du bo sheep and hu sheep had different degrees of improvement in production traits compared with the offspring lambs of pure hu sheep, which are being popularized in yan'an mutton sheep experimental demonstration base at present.

2. projects and finance

(1) jinchang base receives special funds of 500,000 yuan per year supported by jinchang municipal government.

(2) yan'an base receives special funds of 500,000 yuan per year supported by yan'an municipal government and wuqi county government.

(3) relying on the base, the team members have successively obtained 3 off-campus scientific research promotion projects.

ii demonstration and extension

1. developing and popularizing high-breeding hu sheep

a total of 304,300 hu sheep, east friensian milk sheep and their hybrid offspring have been promoted in the two bases, covering most areas of jinchang in gansu and yan'an in shaanxi. according to the estimation of each sheep for 500 yuan, the total income can be increased by more than 152.15 million yuan.

2. promoting the production mode 461

the production potential of mutton sheep is brought into full play, and the annual output of weaned lambs of suitable ewes is more than 3.0, which obviously improves the breeding benefit and meat quality of mutton sheep, and fundamentally solves the problem of low benefit of house feeding mutton sheep.

3. carrying out embryo transfer of purebred east freund sheep

team members went to gansu yuansheng company, the supporting unit of the base, to carry out embryo transfer, and accumulated more than 2,400 embryos. more than 6,000 east lake hybrid sheep were popularized by artificial insemination and other technologies in jinchang base.

4. wide use of intelligent management system

a total of 17 intelligent management software for sheep farms have been popularized, which provides reliable data and schemes for production and improves the efficiency of production management.

5. establish demonstration households

the project team has brought the total number of demonstration households for scientific breeding of mutton sheep in the base and its radiation area to 48 by subsidizing the purchase of improved breeding sheep and technical guidance. the experiment and demonstration of lamb "three-stage fattening mode" were carried out in some demonstration households. assist wuqi county animal husbandry and veterinary bureau to establish 12 mutton sheep breeding pens suitable for wuqi climate characteristics.

6. develop training materials

the project team has compiled training materials such as "sheep house feeding technology", "sheep estrus synchronization training manual" and "sheep embryo transfer training manual", and distributed more than 3,000 training materials and related materials to farmers.

7. drafting the "yan'an hu sheep breeding standard"

the breeding standard of hu sheep in yan'an was drafted, and hu sheep with large size, high fecundity and good lactation were selected to form a core group in some demonstration hu sheep farms in yan'an. at present, more than 300 breeding sheep have been selected, which laid a foundation for the cultivation of new hu sheep strains in yan'an.

iii. education

1. the base has accepted more than 80 undergraduate and graduate students for practical research, and 3 young teachers have practiced for more than 30 times.

2. members of the base have conducted technical training for more than 60 times, with more than 20,000 trainees.

3. base experts go to the base farms and demonstration households every month to give guidance, and guide more than 3,000 breeders in total.

iv. exchanges and cooperation

1. in recent years, jinchang base has received five technical experts from international organizations such as abs company of new zealand, massey university and agricultural research institute of canarina islands of spain to guide and carry out technical cooperation. at the same time, it received inner mongolia junyang leke company, shaanxi youlishi dairy, yangling shengfei dairy, yangling shengquan dairy and shaanxi baiyue sheep milk group to discuss cooperation. at present, it has reached cooperation with baiyue sheep milk, the largest sheep milk processing enterprise in china, and baiyue sheep milk has acquired all sheep milk produced by the base. at the same time, the base has organized functional departments at all levels of jinchang municipal party committee and government to visit shaanxi for many times to inspect the development of dairy goat industry in shaanxi.

2. yan'an base organized 42 animal husbandry technical backbones and farmers from various base counties in yan'an to attend the national sheep industry conference. at the same time, they visited the large-scale sheep farm of gansu zhongsheng animal husbandry company, qingyang mutton sheep cooperative and demonstration households, etc., which significantly improved their scientific breeding concept and awareness.

brief introduction to beef cattle experiment and demonstration base

location: haixing development zone, haiyuan county, zhongwei city, ningxia hui autonomous region

chief expert: professor zan linsen

basic information:

the beef cattle experiment and demonstration base of northwest a&f university relies on ningxia xihaigu high-end cattle industry research institute (hereinafter referred to as the research institute). the research institute is a scientific research platform jointly established by the government of haiyuan county, northwest a&f university and ningxia haiyuan agriculture co., ltd. of china resources group, and started construction in november 2017. the research institute covers an area of more than 50 mu, with a building area of 5200 m2. it has complete scientific research and experimental equipment and living and office conditions, and can receive 30 students to carry out scientific research and practice tasks at the same time.

there are six research sections (industrial development research section, disease prevention and control section, genetic improvement section, resources and environment section, feed nutrition section and product development section), four laboratories (molecular biology laboratory, animal nutrition laboratory, animal medicine laboratory and meat quality analysis laboratory), a training center, and haiyuan caowa beef cattle fattening base and haiyuan jiatang beef cattle breeding base.

the research institute mainly focuses on key technologies urgently needed for the differentiated development of high-end cattle industry to carry out scientific and technological research and technology integration demonstration. according to the deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, technical services of the whole industry chain, the institute strives to train scientific and technological talents,to carry out the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of local cattle industry, and to successfully demonstrate the development of high-end cattle industry in zhongwei, ningxia autonomous region and even western china.

main work and results

i. research

the research institute closely focuses on the technical bottlenecks and problems in industrial development that restrict the development of local beef cattle industry. research work has been carried out on beef cattle breeding improvement, key technologies of healthy beef cattle breeding, production and processing of high-quality and high-grade beef, introduction and cultivation of high-quality forage varieties, development and utilization of unconventional roughage, integrated development of grass and livestock coupling, occurrence rules of common beef cattle diseases, etc., guiding the establishment of beef cattle disease prevention and control system for local government. at present, in addition to undertaking the implementation of special scientific and technological services for beef cattle industry in haiyuan county, it also undertakes the implementation of key scientific and technological research and development projects of the state and ningxia autonomous region.

ii. demonstration and extension

the institute has carried out demonstration and promotion in beef cattle breed improvement, simmental cattle efficient breeding, artificial insemination of beef cattle, comprehensive matching technology of cow breeding, special 5% premix feed for cows, beef cattle diet preparation technology, standardized operation procedures of beef cattle procurement and long-distance transportation, etc. the average annual demonstration scale radiates more than 200,000 heads, with remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.

in 2019, the beef cattle team of our university took the lead in cooperation with haiyuan huarun agriculture co., ltd. and other units to declare the "research, integration, demonstration and promotion of key technologies in quality beef cattle standard",

which won the first prize of the national harvest award of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery in 2016-2018.

iii. education

the institute has received more than 100 undergraduates, postgraduates and young teachers for practice. focusing on the needs of industrial development, experts were organized to compile the training materials "key technologies of beef cattle efficient breeding in haiyuan county", and more than 50 trainings on beef cattle crossbreeding improvement, disease prevention and control technology and efficient breeding technology were organized successively, with more than 1,200 trainees, and researchers went to villages to investigate and guide households for more than 30 times.

iv. exchanges and cooperation

(1) investigation of local governments in china

on the afternoon of august 21, 2019, shi taifeng, secretary of ningxia hui autonomous region cpc committee and chairman of the autonomous region, led the team, and xian hui, deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the autonomous region, and other members of the standing committee of the party committee of the autonomous region attended the in-depth investigation and research. shi taifeng pointed out that it is necessary to combine the market advantages of china resources with the scientific research advantages of northwest a&f university, find ways to lengthen the industrial chain, broaden the marketing channels and brand haiyuan beef cattle industry.

on july 1, 2020, he jian, secretary of zhongwei municipal committee of ningxia hui autonomous region, and leaders of four major teams, departments and counties in zhongwei led by mayor li xiaobo of the government carried out the themed education activities on the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party in haiyuan county, and made a special trip to the institute to observe. during the period, secretary he and mayor li paid close attention to the research and development of scientific and technological achievements, the construction of scientific and technological support capacity, and the development of the whole industrial chain of serving high-end cattle. we fully affirmed the work and achievements of experts, professors and doctoral students of northwest a&f university who took root in xihaigu and helped local high-end beef cattle industrialization development and poverty alleviation and difficulties tackling. it is hoped that the institute will play an important role in the training of local scientific and technical personnel and local talents, and promise that the municipal party committee and municipal government are willing to provide greater support for the institute to train high-level talents such as doctors and postdocs.

(2) foreign exchanges

on november 28, 2019, daniel, head of the department of agronomy, animal husbandry and animal products processing, agricultural college, north kazakhstan state university, visited the research institute, visited the laboratory equipment, inquired about the ongoing scientific research projects in detail, and had extensive discussions on the construction of research bases in agricultural universities, the combination of production, education and research, scientific and research services, students' internships and other issues.

brief introduction to longxian dairy goat experiment and demonstration base

location:dongfeng town, longxian county

chief expert:professor cao binyun

basic information:

longxian dairy goat experiment demonstration base was established in 2014 jointly by northwest a&f university, administrative committee of yangling demonstration zone, baoji municipal people's government and people's government of longxian county. there are currently three modern experimental demonstration sheep farms, covering an area of 1,267 mu, with all kinds of living, office, scientific research, training and network communication, and have the capacity to accept 50-100 teachers and students to work, study and live in the station.

under the joint efforts of the northwest a&f university, administrative committee of yangling demonstration zone, baoji municipal people's government and people's government of longxian county, our team based on longxian dairy goat experiment and demonstration base, carried out experimental demonstration, summed up experience, and promoted the development of dairy goat industry in the whole province with radiation, and achieved remarkable results.

(1) successfully completed the preliminary investigation and planning drafting of the provincial cpc committee and the provincial government's decision to build dairy goats into the "100 billion goat milk" industry, and to develop longxian county into the core area for the construction of the "100 billion goat milk" industry. it has established a cooperative base for the university, cities, counties and enterprises to support the industry and enrich the people by science and technology, and a research and development base for new goat milk products at home and abroad.

(2) longxian national dairy goat scale breeding standardization demonstration zone project was rated as a standardization pilot demonstration project in the fields of agriculture, rural areas and new urbanization by the national standardization administration committee;

(3) shaanxi guanzhong dairy goat industry research institute was successfully listed and operated smoothly in longxian industrial park;

(4) in 2016, the "world dairy goat industry development conference" was successfully held in longxian county, and longxian county was awarded the title of "world ecological goat milk city" by the international goat association.

(5) the stock of dairy goats in longxian county has grown from 70,000 in 2013 to 260,000, and the milk yield from 400 kg to 650 kg. more than 20,000 mu of high-quality pasture planting base has been established, 16 artificial insemination improvement points have been built, more than 4,200 improved sheep have been screened, and more than 150,000 middle and low-yield dairy goats have been improved, which has pushed farmers to increase their income by more than 600 million yuan.

main work and results

i. scientific research

in view of the key problems in dairy goat industry in our province, we focus on (1) the innovation of improved variety breeding technology (the combination of accurate breeding of improved variety genes and conventional breeding technology): by developing the method of combining the dual-gene breeding technology with prolactin receptor (prlr) which regulates milk yield and luteinizing hormone (lh beta) which regulates lambing rate of dairy goats with ram index breeding technology, the transformation of dairy goat breeding from conventional phenotype breeding to precise genotype breeding was realized, and more than 3,520 high-yield core groups with milk yield exceeding 800 kg/goat/year were selected. (2) innovation of improved variety propagation technology (combination of precise artificial insemination technology and embryo transfer technology): integrated innovative laparoscopic precise artificial insemination technology with large dilution of dairy goat semen, and realized the transformation of improved variety improvement from conventional artificial insemination to precise artificial insemination. the improvement rate of improved varieties increased from 35% to 95%, and the average annual individual milk yield increased from 420 kg to 610 kg, with an increase of 45.23%. (3) innovation of disease prevention and control technology (combination of accurate antibody detection and standardized epidemic prevention): research and development of antibody matching detection technology has realized the transformation of dairy sheep disease from routine epidemic prevention in spring and autumn to accurate antibody detection and epidemic prevention. by developing technical specifications for epidemic prevention, the incidence of diseases in large-scale farms has been reduced from 17% to less than 3%. (4) innovation of goat milk adulteration detection technology (combining goat milk detection with high-quality milk standard to develop special reagents, realizing the transformation of detection of mixed milk in goat milk from sensory fuzzy judgment to rapid and cheap on-site accurate detection (accuracy is over 99%), ensuring the purity and quality of goat milk, and increasing the rate of high-quality milk by over 75% and qualified milk to over 96%. (5) technological innovation in the development of high-quality goat milk products (the combination of goat milk flash deodorization technology and functional goat milk product development), integrated and innovative goat milk flash deodorization technology, realized the transformation from processing goat milk products to deodorization goat milk products, and significantly improved the taste and market competitiveness of goat milk products.

since the establishment of the base in 2014, 36 projects have been approved relying on the base, and the project funds have reached 27.6 million yuan. in 2019, it won one first prize for scientific and technological progress in shaanxi province and one first prize for china innovation achievements of production.

ii. demonstration & extension

1. there are 6 main technologies: (1) demonstrate and promote laparoscopic precision artificial insemination technology, by improving 260,000 middle and low yield dairy goats with the conception rate in estrus increase by 25%, and income by 84.132 million yuan; (2) the embryo transfer technology in more than 1,200 dairy goats was demonstrated and promoted, and the conception rate was as high as 75%, which led to an increase of 94.332 million yuan; (3) demonstration and promotion of the whole mixed diet feeding technology for dairy goats, the technical coverage rate reached 90%, the milk yield increased by 10%-15%, and the income increased by 298.338 million yuan; (4) demonstrate and popularize the cold-proof technology of thick bed grass and the renovation technology of plastic warm ring enclosure, which increases the temperature inside the enclosure by 7 degrees compared with that outside the enclosure and improves the survival rate of lambs by more than 33%; (5) demonstrate and popularize the comprehensive prevention and control technology of epidemic diseases, and use the developed vaccines and methods for aphtha, tuberculosis and mastitis of dairy goats to prevent 30,000 dairy goats, and the antibody detection rate reaches 93%; (6) demonstrate and popularize the precise deworming technology. according to the seasonal dynamic investigation of sheep infected with parasites, put forward the parasite control measures of dairy goats in longxian county, and determine the target species of parasites control and the best time of medication.

2. as many as 35 demonstration sheep farms, 120 dairy goat breeding cooperatives, 23 enterprises and 235 family farms have been built under the guidance of the base.

3. focus on industrial precision poverty alleviation with "451" new model of precision poverty alleviation for dairy sheep, in which 4 refers to the four-in-one poverty alleviation team, 5 refers to five technical countermeasures for poverty alleviation, and 1 refers to the per capita income of 10,000 yuan, which achieves the goals of poor households' dairy goat breeding technology being taught by experts, improving breeding sheep, guiding and preventing sheep diseases by experts, collecting goat milk production enterprises, and helping the poor accurately by industry, thus driving 673 poor families such as longxian county to get rid of poverty and become rich.

4. innovate the technology promotion mode, and solve the problem of sheep raising technology promotion. the new promotion mode of "functional laboratory research and development station technical training demonstration internet sheep industry user technology accurate distribution” was created. the mode achieves good results with  accurate technology research and development, on-site training, online connection of users, online storage of optimized technology, on-screen expert guidance, fast technology distribution and practical promotion effect. on average, 67 people are instructed online every day.

5. implement the production and marketing docking strategy. to promote production by sales and expand the national market, and to implement the strategy of promoting production by sales, the provincial department of agriculture, the department of industry and information technology and related enterprises have jointly launched the "shaanxi brand promotion conference of goat milk health china tour" in 23 large and medium-sized cities across the country, which has rapidly improved the popularity and influence of our goat milk in shaanxi, and the sales of goat milk powder in the whole province will increase by 13% compared with 2018.

iii. education

1. build a training base for high-end talents such as undergraduates and postgraduates, and accept 350 undergraduates and postgraduates to engage in scientific research and production practice since 2014.

2. in longxian, lantian, qianyang, fuping, jingyang, pucheng and other places, practical technical training for dairy goats was carried out 26 times, and 4,206 technical backbones for industrial development were cultivated. 226 batches of on-site technical training and technical guidance were carried out in farmers, farms and goat milk processing plants, with more than 2,450 trainees, with remarkable results.

iv. exchanges and cooperation

the base has received 278 visits of experts, enterprises and groups at home and abroad. four consecutive world dairy goat industry development conferences were successfully held. in 2019, the national dairy goat industry summit forum was held in qianyang; leaders such as the secretary of the cpc shaanxi committee, the governor, the head of the department of agriculture, and the mayor of baoji city have visited the base for 17 times; there are 15 reports on longxian dairy goat base by cctv, shaanxi satellite tv, xinhuanet, phoenix network, international goat association network, cctv-7, agriculture and forestry satellite tv, yangling tv and baoji tv etc.