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in recent years, the college, aiming at the forefront of international research, and focusing on major scientific and technical issues of animal husbandry industry, has contributed "wisdom of cst" to promote the high-quality and efficient development of animal husbandry industry.

the whole genome genetic variation database of major domestic animals in the world and the reference genome map of goats and sheep in the world were constructed; the technical system of primary  in vitro  culture of adipocytes and muscle cells of meat animals was established, a number of key factors of meat quality regulation that can be used for molecular breeding were screened, and 6 new strains of high-quality pigs, beef cattle and mutton sheep were selected; an efficient animal gene editing technology platform was established and new breeding materials for gene editing cashmere goats and tan sheep were created; the intestinal health standard of livestock and poultry and the carbohydrate balance index system of dairy livestock diet were established; a new type of fish nano-loaded genetic engineering targeted immersion vaccine was created, which broke through the technical bottleneck of large-scale commercialization of immersion immunity; the inactivated vaccine of perch rhabdovirus (e.coli-g2 strain) has entered the clinical trial stage. the first batch of new litopenaeus vannamei varieties "kehai no.1" and "guang tai no.1" in china were cultivated with collaborators three academic papers were published in science, and the research on ruminant genome evolution was selected as one of the top ten advances in life sciences in china.

in the past five years, 63 research projects have been approved by the national natural science funds. researchers of the college have presided over 2 national key and 7 r&d projects, 1 national excellent youth project and 1 key project ofthe national natural science funds. the available funds for scientific research and extension are 195 million yuan; the number and quality of published sci papers have increased year by year, from 231 in 2017 to 271 in 2020. from 2019 to 2020, there were 3 first-class a journals and 9 b journals, which strongly supported the subjects of botany and zoology, and molecular biology and genetics to enter the top 1 ‰ in the world. up to now quite a number of provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievement awards have been obtained, including 1 first prize and 1 third prize of national agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery harvest award; 1 first prize of china's industry-university-research cooperation innovation achievement; 2 national invention and enterprising award; 2 first, 2 second and 3 third prizes of  shaanxi provincial science and technology award; and 1 second prize of higher institution science and technology award of shaanxi province.

the college is now actively developing the state key laboratory of livestock biology, and supporting the construction of research platforms including the national beef cattle improvement center, the key laboratory of animal biotechnology of the ministry of agriculture, the national and local joint engineering research center for modern cattle biotechnology and application, and the key laboratory of animal genetics, breeding and reproduction in shaanxi province. the college strongly supports the reform and development of four academic journals, among which journal of livestock ecology is selected as the core chinese journal.