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aiming at the forefront of science and technology in the world, and actively serving the national strategy, we have made outstanding contributions in cattle and sheep gene breeding, industrial development, decision-making consultation, scientific and technological exchanges, poverty alleviation and regional development, etc.

new breakthroughs in genetic breeding of cattle and sheep. the efficient breeding technology of cattle and sheep with gene editing was established, and anti-tuberculosis and anti-mastitis cows were bred. the anti-tuberculosis ability was improved by 60%, and the anti-mastitis ability was improved by 80%, achieving both high yield and disease resistance, which made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of high-quality and efficient animal husbandry in china and won the second prize of national technological invention.

actively serving the development of industry. a scientific and technological service promotion mode was established with "professor leading, team guidance, leading enterprise demonstration, and scientific and technical personnel stationed in the field". 14 professors are invited to serve as post experts of national industrial technology system or chief scientists of provincial system, so as to promote beef cattle, dairy goats and cashmere sheep to become advantageous and characteristic industries in western china. fifteen demonstration bases and industrial research institutes were built to promote science and technology, to help poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and to serve regional economic and social development. a total of more than 50 sets of light and simplified technologies for efficient, safe and healthy breeding of livestock and poultry have been promoted, more than 60,000 technicians have been trained, 4.2 billion kilograms of feed grain have been saved, 30 million tons of manure emissions have been reduced, and economic benefits have been created of more than 100 billion yuan.

actively playing the role of think tank. twenty-six experts serve as deputies to people's congresses at all levels, cppcc members and industry expert consultants for government, and submitted government suggestions and adopted 48. the research report on agricultural biotechnology was instructed by vice premier liu he and hu chunhua. the proposal on strengthening innovation and development of animal and plant seed industry received a thank-you letter from the supervision office of the state council. suggestions on accelerating the development of 100 billion sheep milk industry in shaanxi province provides decision-making basis for the implementation of 100 billion sheep milk industry in shaanxi province.

building platforms for scientific and technological exchanges. the western china animal husbandry expo and animal husbandry industry summit forum, and the international symposium on beef cattle and dairy goats have been held with more than 100,000 participants. relying on the university's new rural development research institute and college of vocational and adult education, 30 training courses for county (township) chiefs, village officials and professional farmers were provided with more than 4,000 trainees. establishing animal specimen museum to popularize animal husbandry science and technology knowledge, and improve the scientific quality of the whole people.

helping the construction of "the belt and road initiative". fifteen teachers went to five universities in xinjiang, tibet and qinghai to asst the partners, which promoted the rapid improvement of the comprehensive strength of animal husbandry in recipient universities. twenty-three international students from countries along the "the belt and road initiative" are pursuing their degrees, and three were invited to teach saifulin university in kazakhstan. actively participating in the construction of the national sco agricultural technology exchange demonstration training base.